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At Pure Energy Dance Center we strive to:


  • Build a strong base for the dancer; from the novice through the advance student.   Whether the student's goals are recreational or professional, Pure Energy Dance Center provides students with the training, inspiration, motivation and confidence that makes them eager to move to the next level and achieve  their   goals. 


  • Let students experience the excitement, passion and fun of Dance while receiving excellent training by our Professional Certified highly trained teachers, in a positive family oriented environment.

  •                                                                                                                                              Build morale, camaraderie and friendships  while avoiding  in-studio competitiveness and applauding the students for  being who they are while being part of  a team.

  • Inspire students to pursue their dreams whatever they may be.

  • Assist each one to participate in some unique personal way to create something good in our world using their talents allowing them to step back  and see the good they have accomplished.                                          

  • We're different, come see for yourself.

  • Their happiness is our passion; their future is our priority.                        




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